[drupal-devel] [Fwd: Feedback from two usability sessions on CivicSpace]

John Sechrest sechrest at jas.peak.org
Sun Feb 20 17:12:36 UTC 2005

 % > Second Test:  Video capture installation of CivicSpace and
 % > configuration of contacts, users, and an attempt to send an invitation
 % > email.
 % > Users were started at a firefox window with install.php screen in front
 % > of them.
 % > -Users found messages on first page overwhelmingly confusing.  They
 % > just clicked ok and moved to the next screen.
 % We should more often split content into *numbered* paragraphs. E.g. the=20
 % default Drupal welcome msg is too long. should be split and numbered.=20

 I wonder if it makes sense to have the numbered paragraphs like
 the purple number effort from purplewiki? 


 having linkable paragraphs as an automatic feature seems interesting
 to me. And if you are going to stylistically number them, then 
 linking them makes sense.

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