[drupal-devel] *Begging* for checkbox to moderation pages

Abalieno abalieno at cesspit.net
Fri Feb 25 10:19:18 UTC 2005

So I tried to install the module and I saw also the patch that will allow me 
to mass delete all that.

But while running the SQL query in phpmyadmin I got the following error:

SQL-query :
CREATE TABLE spam_comments(
cid int( 10 ) unsigned default '0',
rating int( 2 ) unsigned default '0',
spam tinyint( 1 ) unsigned default '0',
last int( 11 ) unsigned default '0',
PRIMARY KEY cid( cid ) ,
KEY rating( rating ) ,
KEY spam( spam ) ,
KEY last( last )
MySQL said:

#1171 - All parts of a PRIMARY KEY must be NOT NULL;  If you need NULL in a 
key, use UNIQUE instead

How can I fix this so that I'm able to move forward? 

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