[drupal-devel] A Drupal site with paid subscriptions?

Carl McDade carl_mcdade at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 25 11:18:41 UTC 2005

I believe you can do this with the ecommerce modul. Just set up:

areas accessible to "subcriber" role using one of the permissions modules
use ecommerce module to set up recurring payments ,expiration and
warning time periods.

tell ecommerce module what role not to give access if the payment
schedule is not met. In this case "subcribers".

the ecommerce module is not well documented and does not say how the
recurring payments will be handled. There are three different sections
that have controls for this:

paypal account
ecommerce paypal set up
ecommerce product set up.

Which takes precedence over the other is a guess. I am busy with other
things so I can't check this all out using PP. But I will be looking
into it within the next 3 weeks.

Maybe someone else knows?

Carl McDade

Julian Bond wrote:
> Has anyone done any work on Drupal to enable a site where subscribed 
> members (via Paypal subscriptions say) get an additional set of 
> permissions?

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