[drupal-devel] re: that node design mock-ups.

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Fri Jan 14 13:29:33 UTC 2005


Because i do not believe in telling others what they should do, I started the 
node-redesign mock-up in the way I think it needs to be done: Bottom-up. 
Chris, I really hope you do not mistake my comments for criticism, or as 
working against your project. In contrary, I am merely trying to help this 
project move forward.
Drupal has a huge difficulty: its modularity. That has prevented us to make or 
fix the UI in a good way. The modularity dictates us to make changes to the 
UI structural, not on a per-case basis. That actually goes for all changes: 
They cannot be on a per-case basis, but need to be somehow structural.
The places where that has been done, are in fact the places where problems 
start occurring; those places will become inconsistent. 

A slightly off-topic example of this happened to me yesterday: a client of 
mine phoned me about wanting to change something to the comment settings. And 
he simply could not find the comment settings. That is because he expected 
all site settings to be under administrate > settings. But the comment 
settings are not there, no, they are inconsistently placed under a tab on the 
comment-moderation page!

I really want to avoid introducing yet another amount of possible 
inconsistencies, by designing a page for each node-type, each node-type in 
each case, hell, even each node-type for each role, in each case. Because it 
is not so that they *can* look different for each site, each role, each node 
type, they simply *will*, eventually appear different. That's where we have 
the nodeapis for: To make them different for each case. 

This all dictates we take this project structurally, start bottom up: What can 
nodeapi do, where can it do that, what can appear, what not etc. 
The only thing that is required, ATM is the title, all other elements might 
(and thus eventually will) appear or disappear.

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