[drupal-devel] re: that node design mock-ups

Charlie Lowe cel4145 at cyberdash.com
Fri Jan 14 16:28:37 UTC 2005

Ber wrote,

". . . . This all dictates we take this project structurally, start 
bottom up: What can nodeapi do, where can it do that, what can appear, 
what not etc. The only thing that is required, ATM is the title, all 
other elements might (and thus eventually will) appear or disappear."

I agree. Note that if a modular approach is used, once implemented, it 
will allow theme designers the ability to begin experimenting with 
various UI layouts. So FactoryJoe's particular input design might be the 
default in Drupal core for the next release. Theme designers will of 
course tweak it, change it around given enough felxibility, and the UI 
will continue to evolve. In subsequent Drupal releases, the best 
practices can be implemented as the default layout for Drupal core. But 
none of the theme designers need feel locked into it; they can always 
work to improve it on their own. IMHO, this is a good emergent model for 
developing the UI which will also make Drupal more attractive to designers.

BTW: I also posted another mockup to the discussion thread in reply to 


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