[drupal-devel] Textarea editor hooks

Steven Wittens steven at acko.net
Mon Jan 17 15:43:57 UTC 2005

Julian Bond wrote:

> I've just launched a new drupal site at http://www.bikeweb.com using 
> 4.5 As part of this I wanted to include my minimalist html editor. 
> It's all worked but I had to hack common.inc slightly. So here's a 
> couple of suggestions for making extending form_textarea() easier.
> 1. Textarea, pre really needs to be between the title and textarea of 
> the form_item. textarea extensions are very likely to add a toolbar 
> and this really ought to be hard against the top of the textarea 
> rather than floating above the title.
> 2. I need a way of adding extra $attributes as part of the module code 
> and can't see an easy way of doing this without making $attributes 
> global. Suggestions?
As you need Javascript for your HTML editor anyway, why not use 
Javascript to add the attributes in the first place? Mark the textarea 
with a class, then use simple DOM manipulations (getElementsByTagName, 
element.className) to do what you need to do.

Steven Wittens

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