[drupal-devel] Textarea editor hooks

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Mon Jan 17 17:31:48 UTC 2005

Op maandag 17 januari 2005 17:13, schreef Gabor Hojtsy:
> Why? It is javascript, isn't it? 
> Do you still use document.write()? It
> should not be used in XHTML, it is actually not possible to
> document.write() anything into a real XHTML document! If the answer is
> no, and you use DOM, then it does not matter, where is that hook...
I use
$output = form_something() etc.

Off course I can use a bloated javascript to place it somewhere else. Hell, i 
can probaly even include a HUGE javascript to move my whole DOM around. But 
who needs the info /before/ the title? No-one, i guess. So why not move 
it /after/ ? 
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