[drupal-devel] Dealing with spam (was rel=nofollow)

mike at fuckingbrit.com mike at fuckingbrit.com
Thu Jan 20 13:50:18 UTC 2005

>First of all it should be shared over a closed XML feed. 
>We can use drupalIds and a special role to secure the ahraing (we dont
>spammers to learn from our tokens).

Why closed?

As previously mentioned, I'm in the process of migrating from geeklog.
Geeklog's solution is the SpamX plugin. I've used this from my HTTP_REFERER
stats plugin to filter HTTP_REFERER spam, and it's used by the comments
system to filter spam plugins.

Their approach is to use the Moveable Type system:

Which is an open text file listing blacklisted regexps. SpamX also allows
you to maintain your own individual blacklist, which is shared out to an
open xml file for other geeklog sites/MT to harvest.

Using a closed system working around drupal ids means you close the loop to
other systems. Why not make your block list public to all, import and merge
from other existing blacklists (including moveabletype, other drupal
personal lists etc) and allow people to harvest your entire merged list.
Keep the list big, public and contributed back to all sources.

What benefit to spammers get from seeing the list? They know their site is
blacklisted and buy a new domain? It'll soon be blacklisted again, plus
baysean (sp) filtering in Drupal may keep the new one off anyway.



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