[drupal-devel] Dealing with spam (was rel=nofollow)

Jeremy Andrews jeremy at kerneltrap.org
Thu Jan 20 14:12:33 UTC 2005

On Thu, 20 Jan 2005 14:32:44 +0100
Bèr Kessels <berdrupal at tiscali.be> wrote:
> What I /do/ beleive will be a great improvement is p2p sharing of the
> filtered  tokens, regexps et al. I discuseed this on IRC lately, and
> Morbus had some  great ideas on this.

Out of curiousity, does this suggest that you're currently having a lot of
spam slip through the filter?  

(My development efforts on the spam module have tended to be dictated by
what's required to keep my website spam free -- it has been of late.)


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