[drupal-devel] Project comments not getting noticed

Eric Scouten drupal.org at list.ericscouten.com
Fri Jan 21 22:03:55 UTC 2005

I've observed a rather unfortunate pattern with submitting project 
issues and patches: I submit a project issue (possibly with a path) and 
hear nothing, nothing, nothing.

Sometimes there actually is a response on the page, but I don't have any 
e-mail or anything else to give me a heads up to go look at it.


is a great example. I had no idea that anyone had requested changes to 
my patch until I happened to come across this one again looking for 
another patch I thought I had submitted.

This is just one example of this pattern. Another example:


Two months went by between my original post and follow up #1, in which 
the bug was rejected as "won't fix" and I was asked to send it to the 
htmlarea.com forums. Again, I only found about it because I happened to 
be looking for another htmlarea issue.

Any chance we could get a "send me an e-mail when somebody follows up to 
a thread I've posted to" feature added? I think this could significantly 
increase the quality of submissions and discussions about patches.


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