[drupal-devel] Dealing with spam (was rel=nofollow)

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Sat Jan 22 00:10:43 UTC 2005

Op vrijdag 21 januari 2005 21:39, schreef Chris Messina:
> I mean, that way, if someone taps your "spam feed", who cares?! BUT,
> if Drupal can tap into Spread Firefox's spam.rss feed, Drupal's
> learning filters would learn that much faster -- and in real time,
> because as SFX gets hit, Drupal would have the content from the feed
> which has been pre-identified as spam. Thus when and if the spammer
> moves to Drupal, Drupal will be one step ahead of them, having learned
> from SFX.

That was ecactly my concern and idea. I found that on all my sites that were 
hit by spam (the five sites I maintain) the spam was exactly the same. My 
most popular of the five was hit first. But the other four had to be learned 
to handle the *exact same spam messages*. 

I beleive sites like sfx can me considered as "master brains", since they 
learn trought a much bigger educating audience, but also becuase they are 
much more interesting spam targets. I did not thing of spreading things like 
regexps etc. Merely about tokens etc.

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