[drupal-devel] How Summer of Code will be used to promote Drupal

David Norman deekayen at deekayen.net
Fri Jul 1 05:03:53 UTC 2005

IANAL, but the US generally requires tax-deductible donations go to
503(c) (a tax code) non-profit corporations and get a receipt from the
organization to prove your donation. I say "generally" because even if
your taxes were audited, auditors are overworked people, who usually
don't take their jobs seriously enough to harass someone over a $100
donation to any organization with "foundation" in the name, especially
if you can produce a receipt. They're usually just happy if you show up
with any documentation at all. To them that's a sign you at least
intended to do the "right thing". Auditors are people, too.

Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:
> No, of course it won't. Countries give tax deductions to further some
> causes (welfare, whatever). Why should the US taxpayer give tax deductions
> to Canadian good causes?

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