[drupal-devel] Wordpress' new "post edit screen"

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Fri Jul 1 14:03:20 UTC 2005

>> To move up important stuff, and push down mostly unused options.
> But that would only help, what, tabbing between the fields? I don't see
> how moving a box 20 pixels higher is improving its importance,
> especially when I still have to click the damn thing to open it (thus
> making irrelevant the tabbing I just mentioned).

Well, we do implemented custom form hiding for Drupal 4.6 on
Weblabor.hu, so I am quite biased in favor of the feature. :) What was
important to us is to see the value of the important field(s) inside the
hidden form portion(s), so that if we are not going to change those, we
can have a quick glance of their value. See attached shot. Interface
Hungarian, comments English. Implemented with custom, site specific JS

The point is that I don't mind clicking more for some features, since I
once set a path alias, and since it is supposed to be a permalink, it is
not going to change. Author names and node keywords are also not likely
to change. We could in fact hide a lot more of the edit form on our
site, but had no time to go forward with the job yet.

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