[drupal-devel] CiviCRM 1.0 Beta Announcement

David Geilhufe dgeilhufe at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 6 15:09:56 UTC 2005

[apologies for cross-posting]

The CiviCRM Team is proud to announce the release of CiviCRM 1.0  
Beta. We'd like to thank over 50 individuals whose contributions have  
helped make the nonprofit, community-driven CiviCRM project a reality  
(see the list below). If you have any questions, please contact David  
Geilhufe at info at socialsourcefoundation.org. A demo of the software  
is available at http://www.openngo.org/.

CiviCRM is an open source, internationalized,  nonprofit-centric  
constituent relationship management core. It is designed to handle  
common contact and relationship needs (CRM needs) in the nonprofit  
and nongovernmental sectors. CiviCRM will form the basis of a number  
of end-user targeted applications including CivicSpace 0.8.2 and the  
Social Source Foundation's donor/constituent management, broadcast  
email and online donations solution (if you are interested in being a  
beta customer of this web-based solution, please contact  
info at socialsourcefoundation.org).

CiviCRM currently runs within the content management systems Drupal  
and Mambo. CiviCRM will operate as a standalone application latter  
this year.

CiviCRM 1.0 Beta is focused on developers and integrators. Truth in  
Advertising: Organizations considering CiviCRM to meet specific  
organizational needs should carefully evaluate whether CiviCRM 1.0 is  
a viable solution for your organization (try the demo for yourself at  

CiviCRM 1.0:  Comprehensive Central Repository of Contact and  
Relationship Information

-- Contacts: Individuals, Organizations & Households. Store common  
nonprofit data types supporting donor management, case management,  
voter, and advocacy applications.
-- Extensible and virtually unlimited fields. Unlimited locations,  
addresses, phones, emails and custom data fields offer the  
flexibility to map CiviCRM to the way you and your organization operate.
-- Relationships between contacts. Use common relationships like  
volunteer, head-of-household and employee to understand the  
connections between contacts, or create your own unique custom  
relationship types.
-- Groups of contacts. Interact with collections of contacts by  
putting them into groups. Groups are collections of individual  
contact records.
-- Tags. Classify and categorize contacts with simple searchable tags.
-- Custom data. Define your own fields in the format that works for  
you (text, radio buttons, drop downs, etc.)

Download the feature overview:
- http://makeashorterlink.com/?S1F64216B  or
- http://objectledge.org/confluence/download/attachments/3481/ 

Detailed list of features:
- http://makeashorterlink.com/?O2073216B  or
- http://objectledge.org/confluence/display/CRM/CiviCRM+1.0+Complete 

The CiviCRM 1.0 Beta demo can be accessed in English or Polish here:
- http://www.openngo.org

Ready for Developer Use
CiviCRM is ready for developers to begin integrating CiviCRM 1.0 into  
their applications. The first major planned integration will be into  
CivicSpace 0.8.2.   We look forward to announcing others... how about  

The CiviCRM team will be providing bug fixing and implementation  
support to developers using the CiviCRM 1.0 code base. Please do not  
hesitate to contact the project team via the email list if you have  
questions or need assistance:
- http://lists.objectledge.net/mailman/listinfo/crm-dev

Download CiviCRM 1.0:
Visit http://www.openngo.org/
and click on the download links on the right side.

Installation Documentation:
- http://makeashorterlink.com/?A5172116B  or
- http://objectledge.org/confluence/display/CRM/Installation+Guide+for 

API Documentation:
- http://makeashorterlink.com/?Y2272116B  or
- http://objectledge.org/confluence/display/CRM/CRM+Public+APIs

PLEASE NOTE: CiviCRM 1.0 was designed and tested for Apache2, MySQL  
4.1 and PHP 4.3.11/5. Alternative instructions and downloads are  
provided for Apache 1.3, MySQL 4.0 and PHP 4.

Keeping Abreast
The OpenNGO website links to most of the important information about  
CiviCRM and related projects.
- http://www.openngo.org

Subscribe to the OpenNGO blog:
- http://www.openngo.org/blog/1

Subscribe to the CiviCRM email list:
- http://lists.objectledge.net/mailman/listinfo/crm-dev

Future Roadmap
Future releases are defined here:
- http://makeashorterlink.com/?U1BA4326B  or
- http://objectledge.org/confluence/display/CRM/OpenNGO+Roadmap

Highlights include:
-- Broadcast email. A modular solution to handle initially broadcast  
email and eventually listserves. Natively integrated with CiviCRM.
-- Online Donations. A modular solution to handle donations via  
Paypal and other transaction processors.  Natively integrated with  

Thanks to everyone that makes CiviCRM possible:

CiviCRM/ Social Source Foundation Staff (US, India & Poland):
Anil Kokitkar
Brian McFee
Dave Greenberg
David Geilhufe
Donald Lobo
Kurund Jalmi
Manish Zope
Michał Mach
Piotr Szotkowski
Siddharth Bhawalkar
Yashesh Bhatia

CiviCRM Core Partners:
CivicSpace Labs
CivicActions/ Advokit

Contributors (partial list)
Aaron Kreider
Aaron Welch
Aldon Hynes
Amanda Hickman
Andre Molnar
Andrew Hoppin
Ankur Rishi
Bob Schmitt
Charlie Lindahl
Cheryl Chase
Chris Messina
Dan Robinson
Dave Lange
David Gammel
Dirk Slater
Ethan Winn
Gavin White
Gregory Heller
Howard Johnson
Henri Poole
Jesse K. Mortenson
John Lorance
John Springer
Jon Lebkowsky
Karl Thiessen
Kieran Lal
Liza Sabater
Michael Haggerty
Michael Mell
Michael Spredemann
Mimi Yin
Neil Drumm
Pat Dunlavey
Phil Wolff
Robert Morrison
Ryan Ozimek
Sheldon Rampton
Simone Parrish
Tim Bishop
Walt Daniels
Zack Rosen

Try CiviCRM at http://www.openngo.org/
David Geilhufe
Social Source Foundation
dgeilhufe -AT- socialsourcefoundation -DOT- org

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