[drupal-devel] classroom module

David Norman deekayen at deekayen.net
Wed Jul 6 22:08:28 UTC 2005

What seems missing, to me, in Drupal is a better user grouping module. I
think this is especially applicable in DrupalEd. The contrib
simple_access module is the closest I've seen, but it doesn't solve the
problem of having virtual classrooms or courses. The following are
examples of the roles, groups, and/or permissions:

- course administrator that can create courses, teachers, and users
- teacher that can only see users in their classes
- student that can only see other users in their class
- (maybe) principal (manager) that can monitor teachers
- (maybe) course designer for content-only access, no student interaction
- (maybe) teacher assistant

admin/principal/manager/teacher/student roles could be created in a
similar method like simple_access.module. Where simple_access especially
lacks in this vision is that courses would need to have attributes such
as the teacher and various course information.

In a business application, role names would be like company managers,
course administrators, trainees, and each "course" would actually be the
company name and contact information for each company.

The module would have to transparently assign nodes created within each
course to that course automatically, while site administrators could
make nodes available to particular courses, or set them as global access.

I'm guessing if you read this far, you're interested in this module. I
have an immediate use for a business implementation of this module
vision, and I might be able to provide a stipend or bounty to get it
completed. Please email me if you're interested.

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