[drupal-devel] May I help with the server problems?

NSK nsk3 at wikinerds.org
Mon Jul 11 20:56:21 UTC 2005


I know you have some servers problems. I currently cannot assist with money 
but I would like to know whether I can help by donating some of my webspace 
to you.

I maintain wikinerds.org on a VPS with 6GB of HD space and about 80GB of 
maximum monthly traffic. I currently only use about 600-800MB of HD space and 
1-10GB of bandwidth per month, so I think I can allow the Drupal community to 
host something on my VPS, since I don't really use all the resources I have 
rented. It can be on a temporary basis, until you can get a dedicated server, 
or permanent depending on how much diskspace/bandwidth you need.

If I can assist, email me at nsk at wikinerds.org

See also http://portal.wikinerds.org/freehosting


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