[drupal-devel] Describing the WebDAV module

Allie Micka allie at pajunas.com
Tue Jul 12 00:45:47 UTC 2005

I would love to see WebDAV and/or FTP support make it into Drupal.  
Done properly, WebDAV support can eliminate write access to the 
filesystem.  This could be used to enhance security and eliminate 
safe_mode issues in certain shared hosting environments.

It could also be part of a scalability solution, where uploads/file 
write operations are sent to a master host and then rsync'ed out to 
cluster hosts.  Additionally/alternatively, cluster members could 
populate missing files by retrieving them from the DAV-enabled master.

In order to take advantage of these processes, the DAV module must play 
well with something like the filesystem module, not as its own 
stand-alone thing.  Based on how I would imagine using DAV, it seems 
that the administrator should set DAV/FTP/filesystem settings and leave 
the user upload experience unchanged.  Perhaps I am misunderstanding 
Fabiano's description, but it's not clear whether it would work this 

Fabiano, perhaps you can take a step back from the code/implementation 
and describe the functional benefits of adding WebDAV to drupal.  What 
features and capabilities will it give us?  How will users interact 
with it?



On Jul 8, 2005, at 8:33 AM, Fabiano Sant'Ana wrote:

> What is my Idea?
> We will have a global array ($_webdav) created by webdav hook_menu, 
> each dav
> module(for example, DAV_upload.module) will create a item in 
> $_webdav['hooks']
> with informations about how to call the hook, what is the base 
> collection name,
> etc.
> In hook_menu webdav.module will parse the User Request and put it on 
> $_webdav,
> then it will call the hook_dav function to handle the response.
> Here an example...
> In webdav.module...
>   function webdav_menu($may_cache) {
>     global $_webdav;
>     if(!isset($_webdav))
>       $_webdav = array();
>     $items = array();
>     $items[] = array('path'     => 'webdav',
>                      'title'    => t('WebDAV Interface'),
>                      'callback' => 'webdav_interface',
>                      'access'   => user_access('access nodes')); 
> //administer
> nodes
>     return $items;
>   }
> In webdav.upload.module (I think that I need a better name)... ;)
>   function dav_upload_menu($may_cache) {
>     global $_webdav;
>     $_webdav['hooks'][] = array('collection' => 'upload',
>                                 'handler'    => 'dav_upload_handler');
>   }
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