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Steven drupal-devel at drupal.org
Fri Jul 15 02:34:35 UTC 2005

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 Project:      Drupal
-Version:      4.6.0
+Version:      cvs
 Component:    search.module
 Category:     bug reports
 Priority:     normal
 Assigned to:  Anonymous
 Reported by:  Poetro
 Updated by:   Steven
 Status:       patch
 Attachment:   http://drupal.org/files/issues/multibyte.patch (30.04 KB)

This minor issue is part of a bigger problem: lack of clear string
handling in Drupal. There was a discussion a while ago on the mailing
list (someone can dig it up if interested) about mbstring. We agreed on
a plan of action, so now, here's the patch.

Sorry for the long text, but it does not make sense to review this
patch without knowing the how's and why's. ;)

Because PHP's string handling does not support Unicode out of the box,
we need the mbstring extension to do stuff like case conversion. But,
mbstring is not a required extension (and considering its state [1], it
never will be) so we can't rely on it. But it would be nice to use it if
it's there.

Another important thing to consider is that PHP 5.1 will be getting
real Unicode support (see this comment for more info [2]). While the
functionality looks great, it introduces some new syntax elements and
changes string handling in significant ways. Because we don't want to
mess up Drupal's code too much when it happens, I decided that this was
a good opportunity to move all the encoding-specific stuff into a
unicode.inc file. That way the transition later will be easier. Also,
the encoding-stuff has been growing steadily, so it's not a bad idea to
separate it from the rest regardless.

My patch performs various checks on startup (in the common.inc stage,
i.e. after bootstrap) to see if mbstring is present. Aside from the
literal check, we also have to do some configuration checks. I also
took the liberty of introducing a check for the
search/PCRE-compatibilty issue ("Characters > 255 are not yet
supported..."). It's quite simple. Errors are reported on
admin/settings, and I also added a small status item there with info
about which string handling is used. It suggests that people install
mbstring for better Unicode support if it's not yet present.

Now, in order to use mbstring, there is the option of overloading the
standard string functions automatically. This is not really appropriate
for Drupal because it prevents access to the original string APIs.
Furthermore, if mbstring can already handle UTF-8, then it does not
make sense for us to call custom fallback routines. So, I decided to
make wrappers for the string handling operations that need them
(substr, strtolower, strtoupper, ucfirst). All of the wrappers deal in
characters and character indices only, so for all intents and purposes
they give you Unicode support already. This means the transition to PHP
Unicode will be easier for module authors. Of course, when appropriate,
you can still use the plain PHP string APIs. For example, when doing a
strpos + substr.

I also added a call to setlocale() to do away with any remaining
vagueries in non-mbstring string handling (which was locale dependant
before). As a bonus, I was able to code a very simple routine for doing
case conversion on the Latin-1 character set. This means the
capabilities of non-mbstring string handling are back to the level of
before we switched to UTF-8. Of course most non-english sites will
still benefit from mbstring.

Finally I fixed some possible case conversion issues: in a few places,
we compared the SQL function LOWER() with PHP's strtolower. Because the
behaviour of either depends on the setup, we should never mix them. So
now, you either put drupal_strtolower'd data in the database, and
strtolower your condition before you select it,  or you use LOWER() on
both the column and the value.

Note: In theory I could alter routines like truncate_utf8() and
mime_header_encode() to take more advantage of mbstring APIs... this
might result in a (minor) speed up, but it would complicate the code
further without additional features, and would mean more dependance on
the PHP configuration. So I didn't do this.

Remaining questions
One issue to deal with is database encodings. If the database encoding
is UTF-8, then the (VAR)CHAR column lengths are expressed in
characters. In that case, strings should be chopped off based on
character counts (i.e. using drupal_substr). However, if the database
encoding is an old 8-bit one like Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1), then the column
lengths are expressed in bytes. In that case, strings should be chopped
off based on byte counts (i.e. using truncate_utf8).

To make matters worse, PHP only recently added a function call to get
the database character set from MySQL to PHP HEAD, so it is not usable
for us. If we continue to use truncate_utf8, then we might chop off too
much. If we switch to drupal_substr, then we might chop off too little.

Also, if the database character set is not UTF-8, then it means any
Drupal function that relies on LOWER() will not work on non-ASCII data.
Unfortunately we cannot rely on drupal_strtolower everywhere without
wasting database space: often, we want to do a case-insensitive
comparison, but still keep the original case of the data (e.g. a

Any ideas here?

Also, we got rid of ucfirst() in the page title a long time ago.
Browser support for capitalization is still shady, so it might not be a
bad idea to add it back. On the other hand, we could just capitalize the
menu item titles directly.

[1] http://www.acko.net/blog/unicode-in-php#mbstring-sucks
[2] http://www.acko.net/blog/unicode-in-php#comment-274


Previous comments:

July 14, 2005 - 12:40 : Poetro

The search module contains some bugs when using native UTF-8 database
connection. To correct this some of the strtolower function should be
changed to some UTF-8 compatible versions of the function like
The following lines should be changed:
-            $word = strtolower($word);
+            $word = mb_strtolower($word, 'UTF-8');
-      $arguments[] = str_replace('?', '%', strtolower($word));
+      $arguments[] = str_replace('?', '%', mb_strtolower($word,
-      $arguments[] = strtolower($word);
+      $arguments[] = mb_strtolower($word, 'UTF-8');

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