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Boerland Bert b.boerland at pinkroccade.com
Fri Jul 15 07:37:29 UTC 2005

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> I like the idea of Drupal hosted developer blogs. Anyone with a CVS 
> account gets one and can use it or not. If we're really lucky, we'll get 
> Hani Suleiman[1] to convert to Drupal and start making fun of us instead 
> of JBoss.

now that (hardware) "size doesnt matter anymore" credo seems to be valid, its time to think how we can better use these resources (not buring them, better use). a developer  blog is something i would like a lot, so people can see what the progress is and what keeps you guys bizzy without going through 30+ mail per day

i suggested drop.org for that, home of the drupal with the potential slogan "it takes a village to raise a cms". but "corporate wise" it might be betet to use hosts under drupal.org for that, so i am for anyone with a cvs account to have a post under developer.drupal.org. we ought to make some Terms&Conditions since somehow people will be abusing drupal.org for spamming :-(

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