[drupal-devel] CVS problem

Elek Márton einstand at anzix.net
Sat Jul 16 09:27:14 UTC 2005


I am a Google Summer of Code participant. I requested a CVS account, and 
I received a mail about it has been approved.

But I can't log in with my user name and password.
In C:\[...]: "f:\[...]\TortoiseCVS\cvs.exe" "-q" "checkout" "-P" 
CVSROOT=:pserver:ee at cvs.drupal.org:/cvs/drupal

cvs.exe checkout: Empty password used - try 'cvs login' with a real password

cvs.exe [checkout aborted]: no such user ee in CVSROOT/passwd

Error, CVS operation failed
Perhaps i made a mistake, i don't know. I read README.txt and FAQ.txt as 
the initial mail suggest, but didn't find any solution.

I wrote two mail to dries_at_buytraert and drupal_at_buytaert 
(08.07,15.07) but i
haven't received any answer yet.

Please help me. I would commit my initial code before I go to a holiday.

Elek, Márton

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