[drupal-devel] Need a quick hand with wiki.module hack

Steve Dondley s at dondley.com
Sat Jul 16 11:47:01 UTC 2005

I hacked the following line in the wiki.module:

drupal_goto('node/add/story', 'edit[title]='. $dest_raw);

I want to change it to:

drupal_goto('node/add/book', 'edit[title]='. $dest_raw . 

The idea here being that when the user clicks on a wiki link, a new form 
for a book entry shows up (instead of a story) and a the correct book 
(which correlates to tid of '66') is automoatically selected from the 
drop-down menu.

But Drupal doesn't seem to recognize the &edit[parent]=66 part for 
selecting the book in the drop down menu.  Is this possible?  If so, 
what am I doing wrong?


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