[drupal-devel] Informal CivicSpace Meetup in Boston

Steve Dondley s at dondley.com
Wed Jun 1 12:05:33 UTC 2005

I'd be interested in meeting up.  I know Rich Cowan.  Helped moderate a 
workshop at his last conference.

Please keep me posted of any meetings, outings, etc.  I'll give Rich a 
call, too.

Chris Messina wrote:

>I'll be traveling to NH and Boston from June 10 - 16 and thought that
>I might stage a small CivicSpace/Drupal community meetup. Since it
>would only be me representing CivicSpace, I imagine that it would be
>smaller than the recent NY CivicSpace meetup. Still, I'm hoping that
>folks like Morbus Iff, Moshe Weitzman, the Downhill Battle guys, Seth
>Cohn, Erik Hopp and others from the area might be able to attend
>(Aaron? Adam? Care to truck down from NY?).
>I'm looking into a couple options for space -- the Berkmann Center at
>Harvard is looking possible as well as another space being arranged by
>Rich Cowan. If anyone else has any ideas, please share!
>I'd also like to know if anyone has any specific topics they'd like to
>address or work on while I'm around. I figure more than anything my
>visit and staging of the meetup can serve as a catalyst for bringing
>some CS/Drupal folks together. Thus I'm pretty open to using our time
>for whatever folks want to focus on.

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