[drupal-devel] Profiling memory consumption (was TCPHP goes for Drupal)

Dries Buytaert dries at buytaert.net
Wed Jun 1 14:06:24 UTC 2005

On 01 Jun 2005, at 15:56, Matt Westgate wrote:
> On Wednesday 01 June 2005 02:13 am, Dries Buytaert wrote:
>>> http://www.asitis.org/tmp/drupal_load-memory.png
>> How do I interpret that?  16.22% of all memory is allocated in
>> drupal_load()?
> Looking at that chart again it would have been more meaningful to  
> sort by the
> 'Incl.' column which means 'the amount of memory of the overall  
> lifecycle'.
> Then we can see that call_user_func_array(), node_page() and
> node_page_default() need to be analyzed instead and drupal_load()  
> really
> doesn't seem to be a bottleneck.
> Of course I can't lay any claims to being an xdebug/kcachegrind  
> expert and
> xdebug 2.0 beta may still be buggy.

Can you compile a prioritized list (or screenshot) of memory-hungry  

When you say node_page_default() allocates a lot of memory; is that  
inclusive or exclusive the methods called from within  
node_page_default()?  I'm asking because node_page_default() doesn't  
seem to do any caching.

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