[drupal-devel] Unit and functionality testing added to Summer of Code

Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Mon Jun 6 12:01:10 UTC 2005

Chx suggested that a project be added to the Summer of Code lineup that 
addressed our needs for unit and functionality testing. Seems everyone 
agrees that this is vitally important but nobody (except Moshe) has had 
any time to do anything with it.

If you haven't urged all of your student acquaintences to apply for 
this, there is still time, and the testing project should be seen as a 

If you have suggestions on improving the text (ie making it a more 
complete specification) please let me know or update the node directly.



The Drupal project has the following urgent needs in the area of 
automated testing:

     * Unit tests on the funtion level for core code
     * Web application use-case tests that perform standard sets of user 
activities such as registration, login, node creation, etc.
     * Automation of testing of Drupal core code in order to spot 
problems unintentionally caused by changes to the code base

Work in this area would be based on the Drupal simpletest module[1] 
which in turn is based on the SimpleTest[2] project at Sourceforge.net.

Of all the Summer of Code projects listed, this is perhaps the most 
essential to Drupal's health and the area where the greatest positive 
impact could be had.

[1] http://drupal.org/node/11873
[2] http://simpletest.sourceforge.net/

This is considered to be the most important of our Summer of Code projects.

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