[drupal-devel] Contract Module

Nathan Wheatley nathan at chiefcodemonkey.com
Tue Jun 7 05:36:55 UTC 2005

Hello World,

Just wanted to run an idea past a few of you for a possible contrib.  
module for Drupal.
I do freelance design work for people all around the world, and the  
major problem I find is that there is no way to 'sign off' on the  
work I am asked to do. What I propose is a 'contract' module.

Using this, a specialised node, accessible only to select users (the  
creator of the node, and any other person involved in  
'authentication' of the work) would be created. This presumes that  
the other parties involved are members of the Drupal site, but I feel  
that is a small requirement/ dependency.

Then, all parties (including the node creator) would digitally sign  
the node (or... its attached file). I imagine the use of MD5, or  
SHA-1, as they are quite standard (maybe MD5, as it is already used  
by Drupal). I think that ALL parties should sign it because the  
client or the employer (node creator) may wish to change things, or,  
re-read the contract/ agreement.

This is how I see the process:
document being signed -> hash function -> hash of document -> private  
key (users password) -> encrypt file -> digital signature.

This would be done for each party involved. Like the attachments are  
shown currently, the module could also show who has signed the  
document. Notification could also be given to ALL parties when the  
document has been signed by everyone.

I know nothing of the processes used to do this, so if I am wrong, or  
there is a better way to do this, I would really appreciate it. I'd  
also love your feedback.

I really need this module, but unfortunately don't have the coding  
experience to make it happen, so, after the details have been sorted  
out, I will post a bounty for it's development. I would then release  
it under GPL, back to Drupal of course :P

Kind Regards,
Nathan Wheatley
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