[drupal-devel] RSS indicater?

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Wed Jun 8 06:44:10 UTC 2005

>>> Apparently in the Tiger release of Mac OS, Safari somehow automatically
>>> indicates if a web site has an RSS feed.  I don't have access to this
>>> version of Safari (stuck on Win2k :-( ) so this information is
>>> second  hand.
>>> Anyway, the point is, my Drupal-based sites which do provide RSS feeds
>>> do not trigger this indicator.
>>> If there is some sort of widespread or semi-standard way for RSS
>>> auto-discovery, is that something we should add support for in Drupal?
>>> It seems like it would be useful.  Some of my users did not know my site
>>> had RSS because their browser was not telling them it did.  When I told
>>> them directly, they were pleased to take advantage of it.
>> Drupal already works fine with Safari RSS, all the stuff was in there
>> way before Safari RSS was released.
>>  http://developer.apple.com/internet/safari/faq.html#anchor22
>     Is the LINK header stuff already in core?  I knew it wasn't in 4.5,
> so I  added to my theme.  That's what Opera uses for its RSS indicator
> and  probably the same thing used by Firefox.

It was in 4.6 using drupal_set_html_head(), and in head it is done via
drupal_add_link(), which in turn calls drupal_set_html_head(). So if
your theme gets and outputs drupal_get_html_head(), then it should be OK.


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