[drupal-devel] Google Summer of Code: Social context of content

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Fri Jun 10 12:33:31 UTC 2005

> Vlado, thanks for you feedback.  Before I add your comments let me  
> ask a couple clarifying questions to make sure I understand your  
> additions.

>  What's new on this subject? veiwpoint?
-I understand why this is useful, but is this really related to  
social context.  Social context of content does not require  
categorizing the subject of viewpoint of content.

node A -Fosdem
node B -Fosdem

node A and node B might not have similar subjects.  Do you mean  
what's new on this social context?  i.e if node C -Fosdem then you  
could see the latest content for a social context of Fosdem?

> Decentralised content discovery?
Correct.  This is the major thrust, can we apply a common set of  
labels across data sources with common dimensions(descriptions) so  
that we can discover social context.

Users table
Contact table
Contact manager table
Buddylist table
XFN hypthetable

They could all have an e-mail field and be mapped to a common label e- 
mail, with a common description.  Therefore any new data source say  
Aura, that complies with the e-mail label, and description could be  
discovered through a cross query of that data source.  However, that  
capability would fall clearly outside what was possible for a  
summer's worth of development.
> Content propagation?
I suspect that content propagation is outside the scope of social  
context but please explain further if you think it is relevant.
> Discovery of a context neighbourhood?
I assume you are talking about some form of statistical technique for  
weighting or clustering common social context terms.   Great idea,  
but I think that just getting the social content to be manually added  
and extracted from solid relationships will be a summers worth of work.

Several of these are great Phase III, Phase IV type projects.  I'd be  
happy to add them if you wanted to help flush out the deliverables,  
that would probably have to go to other students.


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