[drupal-devel] [PATCH] 4.6.1 Add events to Drupal

Fab Psycho psychorosco at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 10 20:27:55 UTC 2005


      Here's a patch adding event management to nodes against 4.6.1
Ok, it's my very first drupal patch so I'd be glad if you could help me 
making this sound professional :)


Features :
+-pushbutton, bluemarine style fix for events
+-add event display to archive module
+-mysql & pg fix for events
+-add events to node_form
+-add events to node_save (node_module : node_page->switch op -> 
node_submit($_POST['edit']) -> node_save)
+-add events div in drupal.css
+-node_validate additions for events

Result :
-User can add start & end date for an event related to a node
-special tip is displayed to related dates in archive module.

archive calendar doesn't display future :(   someone could synch this ?

Best regards,

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