[drupal-devel] how should I release flatforum?

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Fri Jun 17 05:04:22 UTC 2005


I created something which makes Drupal forums resemble flat forums, like 
phpBB, vBulletin etc. (Prototype sponsored by ak47.dk, the Real McCoy 
sponsored by RealROOT BVBA for http://www.zattevrienden.be/forum )

Most of the functionality is in template.php and node-forum.tpl.php . There 
is also a module and its mysql file to help counting the posts of users.

So it's not a module, because the module in itself is not release worthy, 
it's so simple.

It's not a theme, it's only a fragment of a theme -- and for adequate 
peformance, you need the module.

Yet the whole package is an often requested one, so I'd rather not sandbox 
it. (And I hope that the code is above sandbox grade already.)


Karoly Negyesi

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