[drupal-devel] [SimpleTest] The Idea of new test working on WWW Layer

Kuba Zygmunt kuba.zygmunt at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 06:50:26 UTC 2005


I would like to write below how I imagine a test, which acts like
browser and checks accessibility of the contents. I've succesfully
logged in Drupal, using SimpleTest class, so now I put my ideas and go
to code. :-)

We don't have access to the users existing in database, so we have to
create 3 new test's users who will be deleted after finishing the

1. Creating users (3 steps)
    * insert in table {permission} 3 new perm. ( '', 'access content',
'access content, create stories, edit own stories' ) [ I'm working on
story module :-) ]
    * insert in table {role} new roles (is this step is necessary? )
    * insert in table {user} 3 new users 
    * insert data in table {users_roles} to make a connection between
users and roles.

2. Creating node (for example with uid = 1)
    I perform this because I will need this to check access of editing
not own node.

For each created user I will do :

3. Log into Drupal and check on access to:
    * content page
    * editing form 

    * submit data for create node
    * submit data for editing node
    * submit data for deleting node
   and I will check access when node->uid != user->uid
    * editing form
    * submit data for editing node
    * submit data for deleting node


4. Delete node
5. Delete users

So, do you think that any additional tests need to be added ?
Or Is my way of testing right?

Kuba Zygmunt

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