[drupal-devel] inline checkbox for attachements

Sohodojo Jim salmons at sohodojo.com
Sun Jun 19 15:59:22 UTC 2005

Bèr Kessels wrote:

>Op zaterdag 18 juni 2005 15:53, schreef Sohodojo Jim:
>>It would seem that all we need is an easy in-line reference syntax for the
>>filter that doesn't collide with other input mark-ups. For example, __1__
>>double underscores and attachment number reference could be enough to
>>insert an image on its own line. __2l__ and __3r__ could indicate left and
>>right alignment of attachments 2 and 3 respectively. And for good measure,
>>__1-alt text here__ could be used for adding an alt text attribute.
>This is what inline module does. Only ionline module uses the de-facto 
>standard for drupal tookens: [inline: filename]  [inline: numer]
    Thanks for the pointer to the inline module. This will be useful for 
some of the sites I am working on (although I might need to extend it 
for alignment/alt/hspace/vspace attribute specs mentioned in my prior 
note to this thread).

    SIDE-ISSUE: I try to scan modules to avoid 'reinventing the wheel' 
but Drupal is starting to "drown in its success" community 
contribution/sharing-wise. There are so darn many modules and our 
"laundry list by version" access method doesn't really help you to find 
what you need. A 'find' on the text of the page or a site-search is 
sometimes helpful, but both these methods are kind of hit-or-miss.

    Perhaps it is time to explore/revisit using a taxonomy vocabulary 
and one of the various taxonomy display modules to better organize and 
showcase Drupal modules/themes such as you have at Freshmeat or at the 
various OSS 'forge' type repository sites.

>What I want is:
>1 something in core. This is a very-often requested feature
>2 something very intuitive. No tokens, no HTML, nothing, only a radio or 
    A super simple in-lining of images would certainly be useful in some 
situations. But how would you control placement, alignment, and spacing 
without at least some minimal placeholder token? I would think that a 
demanding client who is opinionated about input issues would not accept 
anything less than total flexibility and control of the rendered content 
once input.

    Perhaps your client could learn to live with the inline module with 
the addition of a simple extended help message that includes a copy and 
paste-able inline token string. Or if the client allows Javascript, you 
might do a textarea help message that includes a link or button to 
insert the inline module syntax at the textarea insertion point.

    I am not trying to deter you from your search for a perfect 
solution, just trying to be helpful in finding a quick and easy 
solution  for a "high maintenance" client that might work until you can 
provide the 'just right' solution.

     --Sohodojo Jim--

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