[drupal-devel] node aggregator image/file handling

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Tue Jun 21 14:36:30 UTC 2005

Op dinsdag 21 juni 2005 15:20, schreef Boris Mann:
> I can see legitimate uses for all three options. Richard made a patch  
> that adds a tag filtering screen to the admin of the "regular"  
> aggregator,  precisely because the default behaviour is to strip  
> <img> tags, which is not something that Drupal should decide, but  
> users should decide.
> Some use cases:
> a) Flickr is fine with deeplinking
> b) copyright / usage restrictions may not be allowed
> c) I have a local (at home) installation of Gallery, and want my  
> hosted Drupal account to host thumbnail images for better performance
> Please make this configurable. The same option should (probably)  
> apply to enclosures as well

Thank you, this helps me a lot. 

Here is my plan: 
* image tags can be filtered with filters, since we are dealing with nodes 
anyway ;) so that issue is solved for free.
* grabbing of files and importnig them locally will become a small 
addon-module for naggregator. naggregatorfiles.module or so. that one will 
hook into naggregator and deal with importing of files.

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