[drupal-devel] slow queries?

Dan Robinson dan at civicactions.com
Sat Jun 25 19:08:06 UTC 2005

Remember it is not only a question of how long it takes for a query to 
execute - but whether that operation is blocking other queries.  It is 
one thing for 100 people to each wait 10 seconds for a query to complete 
- quite another for the first person to wait 10 seconds and the last to 
wait 1000.  I've seen this kind of behavior with php/mysql in a large 
production environment and it should be avoided obvsiosly.


>> steven probably understands this better than anyone? can anything be 
>> done here, steven?
> The only problem I know of is leading wildcards in search terms. These 
> prevent the index on the word column from being used, hence a full 
> table scan is done. This problem has gotten worse since the "try 
> leading wildcards automatically if nothing was found" patch.
> I have some architectural changes for search.module in my head which 
> might help with this (though the main point is to introduce phrase 
> searching), but I won't have time for this until my exams end.
> Steven Wittens

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