[drupal-devel] Consultants/developers wanted

Boris Mann borismann at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 17:47:18 UTC 2005

Hi all:

I justed wanted to say there is an incredible push around Drupal  
right now. There are tons of people wanting citizen journalism sites,  
community sites, and other solutions that Drupal is uniquely  
qualified for.

Bryght is getting a lot of (unsolicited) RFPs, and we simply don't  
have the time or the resources to commit to them: we are focusing on  
offering Drupal as a hosted service, both for end users and  
resellers. If it was purely a matter of development, I know that I  
could farm out work to many of the talented people on this list, but  
these large projects require significant amounts of project  
management and consulting.

I would love to have these projects continue to flow through the  
Drupal community, as it means many improvements and/or new  
functionality to Drupal's codebase.

Please contact me if you believe your company would be interested in  
taking on large scale projects.

Boris Mann
Bryght, Community Content Hosting
(778) 896-2747 / skype: borismann

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