[drupal-devel] Stability of DB schema in 4.6 RC?

Ross Kendall drupal at rosskendall.com
Tue Mar 1 17:57:24 UTC 2005

>>Are we likely to see any further table layout changes at this point,
>>or is it *reasonably* safe to assume, "When 4.6 production comes out, I can
>>nuke the CVS code and replace it with the released code, but won't have to
>>modify the database?"
>Since we are in a feature freeze already, the asnwer is "most probably not". 
>But that is no guarantee. 
...and even if there is a change, it's not that big a deal to update the 
schema.  I have been developing a couple of websites using HEAD, and 
have done a couple of database schema upgrades already without a problem 
(although the upgrade script was broken a couple of days ago).

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