[drupal-devel] Re: Drupal foundation

Vladimir Zlatanov vlado at dikini.net
Thu Mar 3 08:03:43 UTC 2005

> I very much agree: national organisations are hard to do, especially in 
> Europe where there is a lot of fragmentation. If we leave out tax 
> deduction first, we'll have much less to worry about.
True, but a charity/non-profit status is essential IMHO. Apart from
independence it is more fair to the donors, although they might not get
tax deductions or like in UK the foundation wouldn't be able to claim
part of their taxes (which is practically the same).

Boris, is right that we probably must settle the working groups first,
and then take the most pragmatic approach, whatever it is, based on
what do we want to achieve by having a foundation.

Iechyd da!

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