[drupal-devel] forum.module dependent on comment.module

Negyesi Karoly karoly at negyesi.net
Fri Mar 4 13:35:17 UTC 2005


forum.module is dependent on comment.module in a very visible way on this 

$topic->new_replies = comment_num_new($topic->nid, $history);

and in subtle ways, by SELECTing from node_comment_statistics which is 
INSERTed and UPDATEd in comment_nodeapi.

First of all, this at least needs to be documented and also we need to 
describe how to have a site where users can not comment but can use forums.

Second, we shall either change forum not be dependent on comment or we shall 
make a mechanism which makes sure that if forum is enabled then comment is 
enabled also. I do know that this could delay 4.6 but this is very 
confusing and there are several threads already on drupal.org about it.



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