[drupal-devel] taxonomy_dropmenu module

Maykel Moya maykel.moya at icc-canada.com
Fri Mar 4 23:00:18 UTC 2005

I'd created a module called taxonomy_dropmenu. It generated
dhtml/javascript dropdown menus for vocabularies. You can see it working
in http://www.depressionadvisor.com/.

It's possible too to include fixed links, for example, for glossary.

It's my very first module, so it is probably very far from perfect. If
you find it useful, please test it and send me all sugestion/criticism
you consider worth it.

It's similar to taxonomy_context, a function call should be added to a
phptemplate based theme. A patch is attached.

I don't know how to include the reference to .js/.css via drupal
function and not via a theme patch.



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