[drupal-devel] Update .POT files?

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Sat Mar 5 16:00:12 UTC 2005

>> Could either Goba or Gerhard update the core .POT files as time 
>> permits?  Like that, translators could start updating their 
>> translations (and eventually create a DRUPAL-4-6 branch for their 
>> translations).  Once updated, please add a note or section about it to 
>> the Drupal 4.6.0-RC announcement.  (Only a fraction of the translators 
>> are on this mailing list.)
> I already done the pot files and done the updated translation for Drupal 
> 4.6.0 RC (which is already downloadable from drupal.hu :) Too much 
> already :) I'll upload them to drupal.org shortly.

BTW the commit goes through, but it says:

cvs commit: Using deprecated info format strings.  Convert your scripts 
to use
the new argument format and remove '1's from your info file format strings.

Is it a client side error or a server side setup problem?


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