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Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2005 11:49:40 -0500
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Subject: [drupal-spam] [ANNOUNCE] spam_surbl module


  I have committed a powerful new spam detection module that enhances the
existing spam module.  The new module, spam_surbl, utilizes the
multi.surbl.org SURBL to detect spam content.  From the SURBL home page

"SURBL is an RBL designed to be used to block or tag spam based on URIs
(usually their domain names) contained within the message body. It is not
a conventional RBL in that it's not intended to block the source of spam
messages. Instead, SURBL can be used to block spams based on their message

  Basically, if this module and the spam module are both enabled and
properly configured, as new content is posted to your website it will be
scanned for URIs.  Those URIs will be searched for in six SURBLs, and if
found the content will be automatically detected as spam.  This allows the
spam module to gain from all the hard work being done by other spam

  This functionality is much like the spam module's existing URL filter,
however it has the big advantage that it works without you teaching it. 
For example, without training the spam module, the spam_surbl module
will automatically detect any posted comments that include a link to the
ever familiar "free-casino-games-000 .com".

  What more, should a SURBL ever mis-mark a domain as spam, you can
quickly click "mark as not spam" on the content and the domain will now be
locally white-listed in the spam module's URL filter database.

  Known caveats:
    - the spam_surbl module currently does not detect IP addresses (ie
    - the spam_surbl module currently does not detect URI's without a
      preceeding http://, https://, ftp://, or mailto:

  The spam_surbl module lives within the spam module project [2].  It is
currently only available for the Drupal 4.5 release.  View it in CVS here


[1] http://www.surbl.org/
[2] http://drupal.org/node/11104
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