[drupal-devel] CivicGroups preview

Gerhard Killesreiter killesreiter at physik.uni-freiburg.de
Sat Mar 5 21:05:46 UTC 2005

On Sat, 5 Mar 2005, Dan Robinson wrote:

> >I'd be interested in learning how well the mailhandler/listhandler combo
> >works for you as traffic increases. If you run your own server you
> >should probably find a solution that is more tightly integrated with the
> >MTA if you expect hight traffic lists.

> Yes - I've thought about this a bit. But the thing to remember in this
> particular case is that outgoing mailings are handled by ezmlm.

Yes, I know. I am the author of listhandler.module. :o)

> Mailhandler sends a single email to the list and the ezmlm takes over.

Listhandler sends the mail, IIRC.

> This doesn't directly address the larger issue you raise - but it does
> remove the responsiblity for the mail details to a proven tool that
> scales fairly well.

There shouldn't be a problem at the sending end. I was rather thinking
that the retrieving end could get clogged up if there are a lot of mails
sitting in the inbox. The worst thing that could probably happen is that
threading gets mixed up, but one never knows.

IOW, there should be a mechanism to check threading once in a while and
fix it if for example parent mails were received after their children.

> We've introduced, at least conceptually, a separation between the
> mail and the mailhandler - it should be trivial to have the mail
> handled in different ways. (as long as the underlying mechanism
> supports subscribe, unsubscribe, and is a member of type commands.

Matt and I once tried to write a module that allows subscribing etc to
mailman lists through Drupal. It didn't get further than a proof of
concept, but you might want to revive it. Beware: It relies on
Snoopy.inc to do some screenscraping. You can find it in the attic of
the contrib/nodules cvs (mailhandler_api).


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