[drupal-devel] [task] Typo on block admin page

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Sun Mar 6 14:28:02 UTC 2005

>>>> Sidebar is a bad name - it encourages the perpetuation of the stupid 3
>>>> column CMS paradigm, by making people think of block regions as "side
>>> +1 on regions instead of "sidebars".
>> +1.
> Drupal uses the 3 column paradigm.  As such, 'sidebar' is a lot less 
> confusing.  How about calling it 'column' which seems to have a bit of 

I still like region better. The downside of "column" is that we'd never 
be able to happily and semantically do "wide" columns, like a header or 
footer (what the hell is a "header column"?). Likewise, it's difficult 
to imagine a column within a column, or a sidebar within a sidebar, but 
quite easy to imagine a region within a region. "Sidebar" may be less 
confusing in the short run, but naming parts of Drupal solely per the 
paradigm (ie. renaming "taxonomy" "categories", which still bums me out) 
is bad. Remember: the greatest honor of a paradigm is to be broken.

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