[drupal-devel] [task] Typo on block admin page

Steven Wittens steven at acko.net
Sun Mar 6 23:11:32 UTC 2005

> Perhaps we need to come up with some mechanism for the theme to name 
> those regions, and have that name show up in the block admin page.  
> Thus, most existing themes would in fact name them "left" and "right" 
> but some other theme could name them "region 1" and "region 2."
> At a minimum we need to consider that eventually the block admin page 
> is going to have to deal with blocks which will never end up on the 
> "left" or "right" of the page, and thus using those terms will remain 
> confusing.

The big roadblock for custom theme regions is having multiple themes per 
site. This is a valid use case (sections.module, or even a 'mobile' 
theme for PDA/Cell phones). I'd suggest you check out some earlier 
discussions on this in the archives.

Steven Wittens

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