[drupal-devel] Search.module and minimum version of PHP

Andre Molnar mcsparkerton at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Mar 7 00:28:45 UTC 2005

Steven Wittens wrote:

> Or we could just say "search.module and thus Drupal requires PHP 4.3.3".
> What do you guys think about it?

Release "as is" saying that it requires PHP 4.3.3.  Its not unreasonable 
in a PHP 5x world.

And (if you or someone feels up to it) release a contributed module that 
works on 4.1 and call it  the "4.1 Semi Compatible Search" module. (with 
no support for high uni-code characters in search).

And/or release an updated version of the old search module as well. The 
"Guaranteed to work, but search results might be lacking" module.

Just my $0.02.


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