[drupal-devel] promote to frontpage: confusing.

Nicholas Ivy nji at njivy.org
Tue Mar 8 00:17:45 UTC 2005

While I agree that "promote to the front page" is misleading for the 
reasons Bèr stated, I think that "add to headlines" is plagued with the 
same problem.  This label is good only for the cases where promoted 
nodes become headlines.  But what about other applications of node 

The flag could be used to separate the important nodes from the 
relatively unimportant, the timely from the old stuff, or to make some 
other distinction.  I wrote a module called "periodical" that gathers 
promoted nodes to create a new issue of periodic content.

So I vote for a more general label like "Promote this node".  While 
this label may not fully describe what the flag affects, at least the 
label does not improperly describe the affects of checking the box.


On Mar 7, 2005, at 3:14 PM, Bèr Kessels wrote:

> Hello.
> Currently we use the standard flag called "promote to frontpage". This 
> is
> only correct for those cases where /node is the frontpage. For all 
> other
> cases,
> thes flag is obsolete, if not completely wrong.
> I suggest the folloiwing:
> We stop calling /node frontpage.
> We call /node "headlines", in documentation and help text.
> By default the headlines are set to frontpage (we have that now)
> We rename the flag " promote" to "add to healines", or even simply "is
> headline"
> Pro
> This will improve useability for all these ppl that do not use /node as
> frontpage.
> It will make our frontpage system clearer, for /node (headlines) 
> becomes just
> another frontpage option.
> Con:
> Users who are used to the current system might get confused when they 
> do not
> find the "promote to frontpage flag" anymore.
> Regards,
>  Bèr
> -- 
>  [ Bèr Kessels | Drupal services www.webschuur.com ]

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