[drupal-devel] A Folksonomy module

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Tue Mar 8 22:31:50 UTC 2005

> The whole point of folksonomy is that users make up their own tags. 

Quite so. But, I'm more concerned with duplicate data (a technical
implementation) and how it should, or shouldn't, affect "users making up
their own tags" (an, arguably, UI implementation). If one user creates 
"cat" and another user creates "cat", aren't they the same thing? Why 
should there be two unique tags (and thus tids, RSS feeds, etc.)? Is this 
going to make equivalency code more difficult? If there are two different 
vocabs, and one user says that "feline" is a "synonym" of "cat", is that 
information that we want to throw away for every other user, simply 
because they didn't care or know to create the same (arguably correct in 
this innocent example) association? And, if not, why should I need to do a 
join on the user table?

Does /no one else/ want any sort of "similar keywords" UI, per the UI at 
http://disobey.com/d/2005/similar_keywords.jpg? If yes, then would similar 
keywords be across all folksonomy vocabs, or just an individual user? If 
there are 1000 users and each user creates 100 terms in their vocab, with 
a perfect match of (even) 10%, aren't we wasting a lot of resources 
storing those duplicates? (Note: I suck at math. I have no clue if that 
calculation makes some sort of scary figure. But, uh, I meant it to <g>).

> Otherwise, you have one central vocab like today. At first blush, it 
> seems you want taxonomy on the fly where users add terms to the central 

Correct, but an additional table (whether it be new or profile.module) 
would associate uids to tids. I'm having a tough time comprehending or 
believing that:

  * technorati is creating $copies amount of terms called "funny", as
    opposed to just storing one instance of it and uid joining.

  * that my innocent gamegrene site, with two controlled vocabs, is
    suddenly going to blossom into 900+ vocabs that I have absolutely
    no control over, nor can ever delete.

  * that the NHPR site, with 7000 unique terms, is going to store
    at least 10 times that many (I'd say there are about 80 users/
    reporters/ submitters, all who use about 3-10 tags per entry)
    in your current proposal/design.

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