Antwort: Re: [drupal-devel] HTMLArea is dead, long live rich text editing [Virus checked]

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FYI: Paragraf 3 of the LGPL entitled you to take any (part of the) LGPL-ed 
library, and publish it again under GPL if you want, or if you have to in 
order to merge the (parts of) the library into GPL-ed program. 

This was done with the purpose of clearing the doubts about the 
compatibility of the two licences.

"3) You may opt to apply the terms of the ordinary GNU General Public 
License instead of this License to a given copy of the Library...." 

This of course causes problems with sending bug fixes back to original 
work, so I wouldn't execute this right unless something terrible happens 
to original project (premature death, licence change).


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Negyesi Karoly wrote:

>>TinyMCE looks promising, and worked surprisingly well on 
>TinyMCE is [...] released [...] under LGPL
>Do we accept Lesser GPL?
AFAIK, LGPL is perfectly compatible with GPL projects from a legal 
standpoint, considering we would just be including it as a library in a 
GPL project.


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