[drupal-devel] caching issues

Jeremy Andrews jeremy at kerneltrap.org
Wed Mar 9 12:34:13 UTC 2005

On Wed, 09 Mar 2005 08:27:38 +0100
Dries Buytaert <dries at buytaert.net> wrote:


> As an extra solution you could leverage on the new flood protection 
> mechanism I introduced in Drupal 4.6.  See flood_register_event() and 
> flood_is_allowed(), and check the contact.module in CVS HEAD to see how 
> it can be used.

Unfortunately this will not help, as your flood protection mechanism is
per IP.  The spammers are using an unbelievably large number of proxies,
and each comment seems to come from a new IP address.  What more, the
contents hold random data, so simply comparing new comments against old to
look for duplication isn't often even possible.


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