[drupal-devel] promote to frontpage: confusing.

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Wed Mar 9 17:04:35 UTC 2005

>> Carl, you don't get it. You can set very easily set 'forum' to be your 
>> site frontpage, or you can just set 'node/12' (node/view/12 in 4.5) to 
>> be your frontpage. Then the promote flag has no effect on a node 
>> showing on your own frontpage, since it is not the default 'node' page.
> Sorry...  what does the promote flag do, then, if it doesn't affect 
> whether something shows on the front page when the front page is not the 
> default node page?

Anisa, it depends on the homepage you use, or where else you show the 
promoted nodes. Drupal is flexible, and you can use 'promote' for 
anything. Like promoting weblink nodes to a block (given that you have 
the block code written yourself, and the homepage written yourself, to 
ignore promoted weblinks itself). I thought about populating a weblink 
block this way at a site, but then went a different way.... This is 
still a usecase however.


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