[drupal-devel] promote to frontpage: confusing.

Aaron Welch welch at c-wsolutions.com
Wed Mar 9 19:05:09 UTC 2005

Well, I'll just add to the pile-on here. Ultimately, all 'Promote to 
frontpage' does is set a flag in the node table for a node. Thats it. 
How I as a developer choose to implement this flag is sort of up to me, 
just so happens that it was developed with the default node layout in 
mind, which uses this flag and just so happens to be the default 
homepage. If I choose to change the default homepage, chances are I know 
what I'm doing and will turn off the ability for users to have this on 
thier node editing pages through default workflow, or use it in some 
other way. Making some code that disables this altogether does no one 
any favors IMO.

Now, if this is really such a huge issue, perhaps just changing the text 
to 'Promote' and leaving it at that will be sufficient. Most of the time 
this will mean the front page which is implied, but if someone 
customizes the site it can mean 'Promote' to a special node listing 
page, a custom block I made, some widget data collector unit, or 
whatever. If this still is not enough to sate the bloodthirsty UI folks 
(*pokepoke ;)*) perhaps an admin option which allows you to set the text 
yourself is a patch someone can supply.

Going a step further, maybe being able to define your own flags to place 
in this infamous edit block mess would be a great way to abstract things 
a bit further and provide a bit more flexibility (CCK feature anyone?).

Dropping some code in to neuter functionality a big minusminus


Ross Kendall wrote:

> makes sense to me
> Andre Molnar wrote:
>> Pseudo code:
>> If($default_front_page) {
>>      form_checkboxes(t('Promote to front page') /*MORE CODE*/);
>>   }
>>  else {
>>  }
>> andre

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